Computer Speakers, Dual 5W USB Desktop Speaker with Volume Control, Headphone and Mic Output, External Speakers for Laptops/Desktops/ (Lavalier Microphone Included)

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Product Description

Output Power
10W 6W 8W 10W

Volume Control

Speaker Size
Dual 3in Dual 2.5in Dual 3in Dual 3in

Headphone Mic output

Single USB Cable,Good for Mac(USB-C to USB Adapter Included Single USB Cable-Cheap Deep Bass & Loud Sound Lavalier microphone Included

10w Powerful Speaker10w Powerful Speaker

Headphone and microphone outputHeadphone and microphone output

why choose uswhy choose us

Why Choose US

We are constantly updating our products

So far, we have improved the following parts according to buyer needs

1:Stick Sound problem-Updated chip to solve it2:Cables between to speakers too short-Already extend to Long enought to use3.Unusable for Mac-Add typr-c to USB adapter in the box, then you can use it on Mac

We will continue to update our products according to the needs of buyers

Specifications Dual 3in Speakers Long 53.15in Cables Mic Function Free Lavalier Microphone USB-C to USB adapter included Headphone Jack

Type-c to USB adapter includedType-c to USB adapter included

1Q: Can I plug my headphone into this usb speaker bar?

1A: Yes. As long as you plug the green aux cable and USB cable of the speaker into your Laptop or desktop, you can plug your headphone into our speaker’s “Headphone Jack” and enjoy your private time.

2Q: How to use the mic?

2A: The mic function only works on desktop because the laptop only has aux jack and laptop has built-in mic. 1:Plug the 3 cables of the sound bar to your desktop 2:plug our free Lavalier microphone to the mic jack of our speaker. 3: you can use the mic function now.

3Q: will the speaker and headset can output sound together simultaneously since the speaker has the 3.5mm jack port?

3A: No. The sound only comes from your headphone after you plug your headphone into the speaker.

4Q: Do I need to connect it every time I use it?

4A :Nope,after first time connection, it’ll automatically connect with your device once you turn it on.

5Q: Apart from the speakers, what else are included in the received package?

5A: In addition to the speakers, there is also a Lavalier Microphone, a manual. Hope this helps.

6Q: How to avoid speaker noise?

6A: Our speakers have built-in anti-magnetic influence processing. If we follow the steps below, we will eliminate the noise as much as possible.

1: Plug the USB into the USB port of the computer instead of other chargers, because the excessive current on the other chargers will exceed the current withstand range of the internal speaker

2:If you use speakers on a laptop, there will be basically no noise. If you use speakers on a desktop computer, please plug all USB, Aux cable and Mic cable to the computer. Because if the connector is not inserted, it may touch the computer case with micro current, which will also generate noise.

7Q:Does it work with my Macbook Pro or Macbook Air

7A: Yes. For those computers Pad and mobile phones with only type-c interface, we specially prepared USB C to USB Adapter. So it works well with them

Powerful SoundPowerful Sound

How to use it (Attention please. The microphone only works on Pc computer and all cables are plugged well and right)

1.For Desktop

Connect the USB cable to desktop USB port for power supplyConnect the red mic cable and green audio cable to 3.5mm outputs of your desktop. Attention please. All desktop has audio and microphone ports. Plug the audio cable to the audio port and the mic cable to the mic port.Don’t plug them conversely please or the speaker won’t work(If you only use it to play music,just plug in the audio cable to your desktop.Now the speaker plays music now. If you want to use headphone to listen music,check the step 4 pleasePlug your audio cable of your headphone to the audio port of the speaker for audio output.Now you can hear the music in your headphone. If you want to use the microphone output to chat with your friends,check the step 5 pleasePlug our Lavalier microphone to the mic output of the speaker, then you can chat with your friends now.

2.For Laptop

Connect the USB cable to laptop USB port for power supplyConnect the green audio port to the only-one 3.5mm output of your laptop.Attention please. All laptop only has one 3.5mm jack for audio output and has built-in microphone in the laptop. So you can chat with your friends when you only plug in the audio cableNow the speaker works.If you want to use the audio output,just plug your headphone to the speaker. You will hear the sound in your headphone not the speaker. Now no microphone output function because you only plug the audio cable to your laptop.

3.For Mobile Phone and other devices

Connect the USB cable to your adapter,power bank or laptop etc for power supplyPlug the audio cable of the speaker to your phone or other device which has 3.5mm port. Now it works. If your phones are type-C or iPhone connection, you should buy “type-C or iPhone to 3.5mm Audio Adapter”

♫【Powerful & Crystal Sound】2*5W speakers and 2 sheep cone bass cones make the desktop speaker send out exciting music.Deep back hole design makes the speaker exhaust without any obstruction and make you fell the sweet treble,accurate middle tone and deep bass.In a word, it is transparent
♫【Volume Control and Indicator Light】Damped volume knob allows you to clearly feel the PC speaker on, off and volume adjustment.The clear sound of the switch and the light blue light will be more obvious to understand the state of the speaker at the moment
♫【Headphone&Microphone Output】Our computer speaker has Headphone and Mic jacks that allows you to avoid disturbing others and enjoy your private time.The free lavalier microphone in the box allows you to chat with your friends on your desktop computer.(Attention please, the mic function only works on desktop)
♫【Long Enough Cables】After listening to numerous buyers’ suggestions, we extend the length of the laptop speaker wire as much as possible.The length between the left and right speakers is 27.56in and the USB cable, Aux cable and microphone cable are 53.15in.You can place the PC speaker in any position and won’t worry about the cable length.
♫【Wide Compatibility】The built-in decoder chip can identify various computer systems and various types of computers such as Windows, MacOS and Chrome OS laptops and desktop computers, as long as they had installed the latest audio driver for their sound card.Check the user manual before using please and we will get in touch in 24 hours if you have any problems.

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